Finally, RSD2015 tomorrow.

Dear Journal,

Record Store Day is FINALLY tomorrow.  Dave Hause’s Home Alone EP is the #1 vinyl I want to pick up.  Anything else will be bonus points.  Keeping my eye on the prize.  We’re starting the shopping in the morning, visiting events throughout the day, and then headed to the 9:30 PM show for Lucky Boy’s Confusion at Reggie’s Rock Club.  Chicago is bursting at the seams with events and stores to check out.  For those interested, here is a good listing of where’s and when’s.

I can remember the first LBC song I heard, when I heard it, and who got me into them.  This was the song, it was at the Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California (in the middle of the Mojave desert) and it was a friend of a then-boyfriend who had this song on a mix cd.  The mix cd itself was only just okay and he rarely switched it out in his car for something else.  This was the only song on the album that didn’t irritate me.  Wait, that’s not true– there was an acoustic version of Bush’s “Glycerin” and Blink 182’s “Dammit” on there.  The rest of it I’ve long since forgotten.

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Travel Wish List: Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is high on my list of places I want to see.  Iguazu looks spectacular.  It forms the border between Argentina and Brazil, and is larger and twice as wide as Niagra Falls.  I’m not even certain which side of the falls I’d want to visit- Argentina perhaps?  I love Argentine wine.  I’d love hiking in the rainforest of Brazil too though.  Maybe do both?  Either way it is sure to be beautiful there.


iguazu falls

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Postcard from South Australia

I’ve collected a lot of brilliantly handcrafted postcards over the years but this is one from Australia is my favorite.  It’s entirely made of fabric like the patch of a quilt.  The kangaroo is such a great touch. 🙂

IMG_0289-0postcard back

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Enter Shikari – Anaesthetist

can’t express how f*cking stoked I am to see the Enter Shikari lads again on Saturday. ❤



There was a time when I’d go to the park with friends at 1 in the morning in California and play with sidewalk chalk under streetlamps.  When I say “a time” I mean only 4 years ago.  Very mature.  Confession session: I’d probably still do this if I knew anyone here who’d do it too.)

Here’s a character I nicknamed “Fluffehz” who is supposed to be either a fat chipmunk or a rabbit.  Never figured that out.


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Florida Snake Probs.

There’s thunderstorms going on throughout the Midwest with talks of tornadoes.  No thank you Mother Nature F**ker, I’m quite alright without tornadoes.  Perhaps you could just take it easy until next week when it’s supposed to be a beautiful 70°F? That’d be swell instead.  Maybe you just like the idea of people potentially peeing their pants in fear.  Speaking of that…

At least we don’t have a water moccasin problem here like in Orlando, Florida.  I saw a news story about some children who were playing in their yard and came within a step of one.  Here he is when they caught him, he was overheard hollering, FUCK THE POLICE.  So much sass.

water mocassin snake

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Gym Etiquette – Treadmill Time

My fellow gym patrons–

When there is limited space availability at the gym on the cardio equipment it isn’t polite thing to be that person walking s l o w l y and gabbing loudly to the person next to you.  Unless you are pregnant, a senior citizen, rehabilitating from an injury, or cooling down from a run, there is no reason to lag-arse on the treadmill for 45 minutes when there are people waiting to get their roadrunner on. “Meep meep” and all that.  Try to keep in mind that there are people who want to get on the equipment, haul ass through a couple of miles, and get off that equipment in under 18 minutes.  Then you can have it back.  But then that’d just upset someone else, so, maybe there ought to be a row of treadmills designated for those of us who want to sweat?  Grr.

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U.S. Veterans Provide a “Safe Passage” for Chicago Kids.

For today’s positive news share I have a story from Chicago about the organization called “Safe Passage.”  This program is for U.S. Veterans to earn money to pay off their student loans that have slipped into deferment in exchange for providing community-watch eyes for children to walk to school safely in some of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods.  Read the original story featured on NationSwell.

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Swedish Red Cross Classic Arcade Games

Check out what the Swedish Red Cross is doing at the Stockholm airport in order to raise money for charity.  Clever idea and a great way to collect pocket change for a great cause.

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