My Time.

Life on the road is a great many things.  I can tell you that it is fulfilling and keeps me busy.  That being said, I’m finding value in my own time, my alone time, my “me” time.  It’s my time that I’m beginning to enjoy the more I travel with this group of coworkers.  There’s roughly 35-ish of us and without getting into detail, we come from all over the U.S. to work together in one massive collaborative effort which is proving to be successful.  That’s the value of it. That’s where it ends for me.  I’m indifferent to anything outside of working on my goals and what is going to further enrich my life and I get the impression that some people have spun their tires for a long time and that’s not where I want to be.  The only way to stop that is to keep pushing toward where my interests are.  If misery loves company, company is equally as capable of creating misery.  There’s no time for that.

Cheers via Cincinnati, Ohio

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