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There was a time when I’d go to the park with friends at 1 in the morning in California and play with sidewalk chalk under streetlamps.  When I say “a time” I mean only 4 years ago.  Very mature.  Confession session: I’d probably still do this if I knew anyone here who’d do it too.)

Here’s a character I nicknamed “Fluffehz” who is supposed to be either a fat chipmunk or a rabbit.  Never figured that out.


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05. One of my many afternoons in Dublin.


It’s no secret that I love Dublin (Ireland.)
During one of my afternoon walks through Dublin Castle after packing my stomach full of falafels from a local Pakistani restaurant, I happened to wander past these two Czech tourists thumbing through a tour book and taking in the local history.  The guard in the next photo was also keen on having his photo taken.  What a chap, right?  Then the last photo, I’ve always loved dapple grey horses.  I’ve always owned bays, chestnuts, and once a palomino and never a dapple.  They’re beautiful animals.


Tourists Dublin Castle Close


Dublin, Ireland Guard 2009

Guara Dublin Castle 2009

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Oceanside, California in 2009.

Oceanside, CA

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Saddleback || Orange County, California

Seated atop Saddleback in Orange County, California.
I took a lot of pictures that evening (the one below is a rare find of me in front of the camera.)  It took us what felt like forever to drive to the top but the view was more than worth it.  You expect something like that will be cool and then it just blows you away.  Everyone ought to experience a California sunset from the top at least once in their life.  You can see all of Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside county – and even make out Catalina Island and some of San Diego.  On the way down, I found out how durable those FJ Cruisers really can be on some of the off-road obstacles.

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01. Sunset

Sometimes life’s prettiest moments are spent alone.

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Life On Loop

Some need this kind of continuity.

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