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Finally, RSD2015 tomorrow.

Dear Journal,

Record Store Day is FINALLY tomorrow.  Dave Hause’s Home Alone EP is the #1 vinyl I want to pick up.  Anything else will be bonus points.  Keeping my eye on the prize.  We’re starting the shopping in the morning, visiting events throughout the day, and then headed to the 9:30 PM show for Lucky Boy’s Confusion at Reggie’s Rock Club.  Chicago is bursting at the seams with events and stores to check out.  For those interested, here is a good listing of where’s and when’s.

I can remember the first LBC song I heard, when I heard it, and who got me into them.  This was the song, it was at the Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California (in the middle of the Mojave desert) and it was a friend of a then-boyfriend who had this song on a mix cd.  The mix cd itself was only just okay and he rarely switched it out in his car for something else.  This was the only song on the album that didn’t irritate me.  Wait, that’s not true– there was an acoustic version of Bush’s “Glycerin” and Blink 182’s “Dammit” on there.  The rest of it I’ve long since forgotten.

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This month I met up with two people I originally became acquainted with online and in doing such I attended my first show at Lincoln Hall (for Milo Green) and Schuba’s (for Restorations.)  Awesome shows and meeting up with friends is one of my favourite things in the world.  Life is weird and that’s often a good thing.

photo of ben and tiff

Met up with Ben after their show at Schuba’s. They played a great set.

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A Californian’s Understanding of Chicago Weather

It is important to note that as a Californian I have zero concept of low temperatures.
According to Google is it is -2°F where I am in Illinois right now.  This doesn’t compute in my head because unless the wind is whipping me in the face, I can’t tell.  It’s nippy, chilly, frosty, cold – but not painfully cold to me yet (because I’m not standing out in it long enough.)  It could be 13°F and I’d think it was a cool 52°F day without the moist San Francisco bay area air that I grew up with.

idk reaction

So if you ever need an idea of what anything below twenty three feels like, don’t ask me.  But for the sake of conversation let’s be dense stick to some common stereotypes, shall we?  Those are sometimes accurate and they’re fun.  Here’s my perception of California versus Midwest Winter attire, speaking from my experience.


(Some truth to the stereotypes.)
Casual, light-to-heavy weight designer or non-designer hoodie depending on comfort and income level, jeans (or leggings), sunglasses (to block the actual sunny rays), an open bag (because hey, there’s no snow falling into it, and hardly enough rain), and the most important piece: the year-round flip flops.  The Californian relationship with flip flops, sandals, shower shoes, whatever you call them is pretty basic. They never go out of season or style and you can always find a pair appropriate for any occasion.

CA Winter Attire

On colder occasions we will be normal and wear sneakers, boots of various styles, or slip-ons.

Ca Cold model

This lady below is obviously chilly, no doubt, but never fear if you’re in this predicament in CA- your body will start trying to keep you warm by shivering and you can always cross your arms across your chest.  Make sure to keep smiling and don’t let anyone tell you to rolls those cuffs down on those jeans.

CA Cold model


Animal pelts, tools to kill your own survival food, boots made for walking across the tundra, a hat that makes you a target for other hunters, and a scarf that you can also use to collect berries in.  Just kidding.  These are photos I snagged from Google of Siberia.  But you get the gist of the difference.



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