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Philanthropist donates $7.5 billion

Photo Source: Forbes.com

Photo Source: Forbes.com

Philanthropist donates $7.5 billion & lives modestly to help others.

“An Irish-American billionaire who kept his philanthropy secret for 15 years has given away $7.5billion (£4.9billion) – and plans for it all to go to charity before his dies.

Chuck Feeney, 82, wears a $15 Casio watch, travels in coach, does not own a car is a self-confessed ‘shabby dresser’ and sensibly made his children work their way through college.

He has given away 99 per cent of his fortune to health, science, education and civil rights causes around the world through his Atlantic Philanthropies foundation.”

– Source: Daily Mail UK

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05. One of my many afternoons in Dublin.


It’s no secret that I love Dublin (Ireland.)
During one of my afternoon walks through Dublin Castle after packing my stomach full of falafels from a local Pakistani restaurant, I happened to wander past these two Czech tourists thumbing through a tour book and taking in the local history.  The guard in the next photo was also keen on having his photo taken.  What a chap, right?  Then the last photo, I’ve always loved dapple grey horses.  I’ve always owned bays, chestnuts, and once a palomino and never a dapple.  They’re beautiful animals.


Tourists Dublin Castle Close


Dublin, Ireland Guard 2009

Guara Dublin Castle 2009

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