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My Life Vs. Your Vacation


Summertime is the perfect time to remind ourselves to embrace every day to the fullest. Always be evolving and seeking that inner wealth – you have the strongest tool of all: your heart.

Nobody is certain of where their ship will sail them but we might as well steer it in a direction where we will be happiest.

My Life Vs. Your Vacation.

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It is easy to say, “Life is tough, nobody is ever going to hand you anything.” Untrue. Sometimes life does hand you something and when it does, don’t be so proud as to not have the sense to take it. When life throws you a freebie, grab that sucker. Maybe the intent of such was for you to enrich your life, learn from that, and pass on the opportunities.

Stay a prideful, stubborn, fool and you’ll remain exactly that.


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My anonymous advice.

If the people in your life make you feel terrible the only thing one can do to help themselves is to move on without those people.  But this guarantees some type of aloneness in some cases.  People fear that.  Sometimes being alone in your convictions or in your determination to be the best version of yourself is better than allowing a negative crowd to get to you.  One ought to be more afraid of what damage and effect half-hearted friendships have on ourselves than what soul-searching we have to do on our own.  Don’t take along anyone who isn’t going to make a good road trip buddy on this lifelong journey.

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