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Gym Etiquette – Treadmill Time

My fellow gym patrons–

When there is limited space availability at the gym on the cardio equipment it isn’t polite thing to be that person walking s l o w l y and gabbing loudly to the person next to you.  Unless you are pregnant, a senior citizen, rehabilitating from an injury, or cooling down from a run, there is no reason to lag-arse on the treadmill for 45 minutes when there are people waiting to get their roadrunner on. “Meep meep” and all that.  Try to keep in mind that there are people who want to get on the equipment, haul ass through a couple of miles, and get off that equipment in under 18 minutes.  Then you can have it back.  But then that’d just upset someone else, so, maybe there ought to be a row of treadmills designated for those of us who want to sweat?  Grr.

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For which language, do what?

I just phoned the U.S. Department of Education to make a payment because I’m a grown up and pay mah billz.  I usually pay by mail so this was my first encounter with their phone system.

“Thank you for calling the United States Department of Education.  

For English, press one.”

Hrm.  Seriously, guys?

The Big Lebowski

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