There was a time when I’d go to the park with friends at 1 in the morning in California and play with sidewalk chalk under streetlamps.  When I say “a time” I mean only 4 years ago.  Very mature.  Confession session: I’d probably still do this if I knew anyone here who’d do it too.)

Here’s a character I nicknamed “Fluffehz” who is supposed to be either a fat chipmunk or a rabbit.  Never figured that out.


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Florida Snake Probs.

There’s thunderstorms going on throughout the Midwest with talks of tornadoes.  No thank you Mother Nature F**ker, I’m quite alright without tornadoes.  Perhaps you could just take it easy until next week when it’s supposed to be a beautiful 70°F? That’d be swell instead.  Maybe you just like the idea of people potentially peeing their pants in fear.  Speaking of that…

At least we don’t have a water moccasin problem here like in Orlando, Florida.  I saw a news story about some children who were playing in their yard and came within a step of one.  Here he is when they caught him, he was overheard hollering, FUCK THE POLICE.  So much sass.

water mocassin snake

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You’re lovely.


There are people I have been incredibly fortunate to have in my little world. Whether we have known each other years or not, it is not the duration of a kinship but the quality of it shared that counts the most with me.

Thank you followers, readers, subscribers, friends, family, coworkers, loved ones, mentors, lifemates, and beautiful strangers.

You are appreciated and have my love in return.



My Life Vs. Your Vacation


Summertime is the perfect time to remind ourselves to embrace every day to the fullest. Always be evolving and seeking that inner wealth – you have the strongest tool of all: your heart.

Nobody is certain of where their ship will sail them but we might as well steer it in a direction where we will be happiest.

My Life Vs. Your Vacation.

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Warped Tour 2013

Here’s a few shots from Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA on 6.22.2013. I had an amazing day, saw about fourteen bands, three of which were new to me, and got to see one of my favorite musicians (and hear a couple of his new songs.)

(Photos are: Sam of Architects, Alvarez Kings, and Brian Marquis.)





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04. Ladybug


I was looking on a grapevine for, duh, grapes. I found this character instead. I think she made a better model than some silly ol’ grapes anyhow.

Oceanside, California in 2009.

Oceanside, CA

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01. Sunset

Sometimes life’s prettiest moments are spent alone.

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Equestrian athletes.
We’re just a different breed of people, entirely.